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Haywood Grove School

Proud to be Special. Proud to be Different

Home Page

Haywood Grove School

Proud to be Special. Proud to be Different

Visions and Values

Who we are...

At Haywood Grove...

We provide a warm, welcoming and inclusive environment where children are treated as individuals without judgement or comparison.

We have a passionate conviction that all our children can achieve no matter what they have experienced or done and a total commitment to their success at Haywood Grove and beyond.

We aim to develop...

  •  Relationships - that are trusting, secure, safe and supportive
  •  Understanding - by knowing our own needs and those of each other
  • A sense of belonging - connecting with our school, being motivated to take ownership of our environment and our own learning and development 
  • Resilience- by looking after ourselves and each other and perservering through difficult times
  • Creativity - by looking for and finding new and different ways to engage with learning and make progress

Our Ethos

  • We aim to give children the freedom to explore emotions and social behaviour so that behaviour can be unlearnt or adapted by modelling, coaching and teaching a more appropriate range of behaviours.
  • We start with the child: learning fits around the child, rather than the child being made to fit a narrow or rigid model of learning.
  • We believe that anti-social behaviours come from an unconscious, fear based state of stress.
  • We do not believe that punishment and reward is the most effective way to support behavioural change. Self-management and self-regulation of behaviour is a far more effective way to achieve pro-social behaviour.



  • Our aim is to be attentive to children when they are getting it right and support them when they get it wrong.  We are opposed to the traditional notion of punishment and control.
  • We demonstrate high expectations of every child, through high quality learning experiences based on a sound knowledge and understanding of each child’s needs.
  • We believe that our focus on developing self-esteem, self-regulation and emotional literacy will enhance all children's abilities to make positive learning and social choices.


All staff at Haywood Grove have a passionate conviction that all our children are able to achieve. We are optimistic about success and accept no restriction on what is possible for all people in our care.



We often have to treat people differently to meet their individual needs -  For us a consistent approach does not mean “one size fits all”. We consistently focus on meeting the needs of the individual child.